2Realise offers students for job placement

2realise is in the process of helping IT and Construction students prepare to finalise their HSC studies and we would love for you to help too!

It’s really easy! And its risk free, with the students insurance being covered by their school.

All you need to do is provide one week of unpaid work placement in your business!

Construction students, who already have their ‘white cards’, are looking to experience being on a worksite and observing the coordination and communication between multiple employees, contractors and trades. Work tasks are flexible to your business but can include using simple levelling devices, reading and interpreting plans, erecting and dismantling fencing and gates and concreting to forms.

IT students need to observe and experience IT in a business environment; this does not have to be just in an IT business, but can be in any business where IT plays a role. It is flexible to your business but can include using software packages to produce documents, entering data, troubleshooting and explaining the use of programs through to installations and assembly.

If you or anyone you know can help, or if you have any further questions, please contact Taryn Soderman on 9639 7999 or email at taryn.soderman@2realise.org.au.