Four local Chambers of Commerce support diverse business precincts in the City of Ryde. They are:

  • Gladesville – President: Ernie Zappia, phone 0418 223 134 – website
  • Eastwood – President: Victor Tagg, phone 0412 369510, website
  • Ryde Macquarie Park  – President: Stefan Sojka, phone 9877 5544, website
  • West Ryde – President: Nora Etmekdjian, phone 0417 699 955, website

In addition to these Chambers, we have Epping Chamber of Commerce (President, Tony Hackett, website) on our boundary, straddling council areas; the Korean Chamber of Commerce (President, Kenny Lee, email ), the Chinese Business Community (President Brad Chan, email ) and the Armenian Chamber of Commerce (President, Rita Lepedjian, phone 8005 2240, website) while not specific to any boundary have the many of their members operating businesses within the City of Ryde.

Members of the Armenian, Eastwood, Gladesville, Ryde Macquarie Park and West Ryde Chambers may attend our Business After Hours events at the special local Chamber price of $20 (we usually charge $40 to attend if you’re not a RBF Member).

While the Forum works on a strategic level, lobbying to government on behalf of single Chambers on some issues and all Chambers on others, and addressing issues that affect the City of Ryde as a whole, Chambers of Commerce tend to be tactical, focusing on issues that affect their local business precinct directly.

Like the Forum our local Chambers meet monthly, and you’ll find details of their upcoming meetings on our Events calendar. These meetings provide networking opportunities for Chamber members, and also highlight details of news pertinent to the local area – new developments, legislation etc. You’ll often find local Councillors attending Chamber meetings too. Chambers of Commerce play a vital role in local business, providing a united voice on issues of importance. Local Chambers send a regular newsletter to their members keeping them informed of events and news. We are fortunate that we have strong and active Chambers of Commerce in our City.

We have many members in the Forum who are also members of local Chambers of Commerce; both the Forum and Chambers fill different needs for people and businesses. If you are in business in Ryde, we cannot recommend highly enough joining a local business association, whether it’s the Forum or your Chamber. If you’re interested in finding out what kind of association membership suits you best, contact the Forum on 9952 8498. If we think you’ll gain more benefit by joining your local Chamber rather than the Forum, we’ll be honest and tell you.

The Forum often co-hosts events with local Chambers, such as Business After Hours, so members of both organisations can benefit from meeting more people at bigger functions. We co-host daytime events (eg breakfasts) with other Chambers when the topic is something relevant to that Chamber’s area, ie the Epping-Chatswood Rail Link, which affects North Ryde/Macquarie Park.

RBF’s Unified Umbrella support for local Chambers

The city of Ryde is unique in that it has within its boundaries:

  • Macquarie Park – Sydney’s fourth largest non-CBD business precinct
  • Two major shopping centres – Macquarie Centre and Top Ryde City
  • Two Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Colleges – Ryde and Meadowbank
  • Macquarie University
  • Macquarie University Hospital

The Chamber environment in Ryde is also unique:

  • A professional business forum – Ryde Business Forum (RBF)
  • Four precinct-based Chambers of Commerce – Eastwood, Gladesville, Ryde/Macquarie Park and West Ryde
  • Three ethnic Chambers of Commerce – Armenian Chamber, Korean Chamber, Asian Australian Association of Bennelong

RBF has been recognized as the Umbrella chamber for the region since its inception in 1993. In 2012/13 we implemented the strategic initiative ‘Unifying the Umbrella’ (a federation of local chambers).

RBF has now successfully implemented a federation of chambers with the four precinct-based local chambers in the city of Ryde.

Through the Umbrella RBF maximizes total Chamber participation in Ryde, currently connecting 150 RBF members and 150 members of its own and four local Chambers (total 300 businesses) at a city and precinct level, and expanding business-to-business opportunities for all members of all chambers.