Achieve Australia’s FUN Raising Campaign

Achieve Australia is busy planning and implementing a whole heap of exciting and  creative ideas for 2013 to support its vision and mission of delivering on the rights of people with disability.

Achieve Month 2013To be able to do this and offer better services, Achieve is running a FUN raising campaign through the month of April and May 2013 called Achieve Month 2013.

The main goal is encourage members of the community and businesses to take on a challenge or set a goal and achieve it with the support of family and friends. This support is in the form of donations to Achieve Australia, which will fund programs and services to help people with disability to achieve their goals.

Participants simply need to come up with a challenge they’d like to succeed in, create their own fundraising page and encourage everyone they know to sponsor them. By having others backing their goal, they will feel more motivated to achieve it.

Their goal can be anything they’d like and it can be easy or challenging – the sky is the limit! It could take place on one day or occur over a number of days leading up to the conclusion of Achieve Month on 31 May 2013. Register at  or jump on to the website for more details.

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