Andy Broderick tea party at Eden Gardens 7 April

Eden Gardens morning teaUK artist and musician Andy Broderick is the star at Eden Gardens’ upcoming morning tea on Thursday 7 April. The event runs from 10.30 till noon.

Come and join us for an intimate Garden Tea Party amongst a gorgeous Cottage Garden setting!  We are very excited to have the rare opportunity to have Andy Broderick with us from the UK to showcase his artwork and perform.  Andy also creates the artwork featured on a range of cards we carry in store.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to have a Garden Tea Party with Andy while he is in Australia.

Bookings essential (see below for details)

Andy’s art practice focuses very heavily on the discipline of drawing and the use of natural materials and pigments such as earth, tea and pulped plants, to develop a spiritual bond and physical affinity with the natural environment. The qualities of individual lines and marks are very important in Andy’s work and so rather than existing purely for the purpose of formal representation, he tries to use lines which express a certain texture, form or weight, or a thing of beauty.

What motivates me as an artist and musician? – Andy Broderick

The divine found in the ordinary and everyday events of nature and life feeds my senses.  Catching sight of an animal going about its business in the landscape, or just seeing a young nettle sprouting through a crack in the pavement.  Making art and music about these events is an important way for me to engage with this vital aspect of my sense of my identity, and I find it very rewarding when the products of this activity help others do the same.


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