Arming young Australians with the right skills for your business

By Stephen Cartwright, NSW Business Chamber:

Employers constantly tell me that school-leavers don’t have the basic skills required, and that more needs to be done to help our young people transition from school to further study and work.

This week has seen significant commitments from both sides of the political divide in NSW – a clear response to the ongoing advocacy by the NSW Business Chamber to equip school leavers with the necessary skills required to meet the needs of employers.

On Monday, the NSW Business Chamber signed an historic Apprenticeship Compact with the NSW Coalition Government to boost vocational education and training opportunities across NSW as part of their proposed Reskilling NSW reform package. The Coalition will fund training opportunities for 240,000 young people; arming them with practical skills they can bring to businesses across NSW, through a range of vocational education and apprenticeship measures.

Not to be outdone, the NSW Opposition, if elected, has re-affirmed its commitment to implement a full review of the NSW HSC in line with the Chamber’s recommendation – the first time this will have occurred since 1996.

The reform agenda of both major political parties in NSW reflects the Chamber’s success as the voice of business representing your interests.

Delivering learning opportunities for youth and practical skills to business

Building on the momentum of these advocacy wins, the Chamber has launched two exciting new initiatives – Skillsroad and ABLI Online Vocational Training – both of which will deliver tangible solutions for young people to build the relevant skills you need them to have in the workplace.
Skillsroad – A careers hub for Australian employers, educators, job-seekers and parents

Skillsroad is a one-of-a-kind careers hub for Australian employers, educators, job-seekers, and parents looking for resources and practical tools. As of today, a free live jobs-board has been launched with a focus on entry-level opportunities.

Employers can register and monitor their vacancies on the SkillsroadJobs Board free of charge, while job-seekers can apply directly online for positions that interest them. So if you have a vacancy, or know of someone who is looking for a job, do head to Skillsroad now or call 1300 192 322.

To ensure that our youth are ready to step into their working life, theSkillsroad team is also developing a work-readiness course that is designed to build self-confidence and arm them with the soft skills they need to be successful in the workplace.

ABLI VET Online – An intelligent alternative at a fraction of the price

As part of the Apprenticeship Compact, we are pleased that the Premier also responded to recommendations from the Chamber for the continuation and expansion of workplace learning opportunities for government school students who enrol in a VET course as part of their HSC.

This month, the Chamber will be launching an affordable, online learning offering for vocational training through its specialist education and training division, Australian Business Learning Institute (ABLI).

Over 100 professional development and short courses plus Certificate III, IV, and diploma level qualifications will be available online to deliver high quality, affordable, and accessible education options at a competitive price.

For example, instead of paying up to $15,000 for a nationally recognised diploma qualification, students can now gain this qualification for just $3,000 without VET FEE-HELP debt.  If students want to progress their studies to a business degree then they can now access this for over $13,000 less than is currently available.
Find out more at or call 1300 576 961.

Working towards a more prosperous future for our youth and your business

As you can gather, boosting support for vocational education and training is the culmination of a broader ongoing campaign that the Chamber is waging to ensure that students have the skills necessary to meet the needs of employers and contribute to the State’s economic prosperity.

I invite you to take advantage of these real solutions to close the skills gaps for employers; bolster a growing NSW economy; and to ensure that our young people in NSW have the bright futures that they deserve. Ultimately, together we can create future prosperity for all.