Australia Post Cryptolocker Virus warning from Chill IT

RBF members Chill IT have an important warning for you:

Please be aware that there are malicious spam emails spreading throughout Australia, these emails have been impersonating large well known corporations like Australia Post stating that there is a parcel pending for delivery.

Although this may seem legitimate, this link requests you to download an .exe file from a zip file. This link is a form of malware is known as CryptoLocker and is designed to encrypt your data including documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s, zip files on Network Drives, removable drives and your local machine. Once infected – the malware demands payments from $300 upwards to decrypt your data.

We advise users:

  • Not to enter Captcha codes to any postal tracking site
  • Not to open invoice / refund attachments from email (Cryptowall)

We urge all users to be vigilant when opening emails, always keep an eye on suspicious links.

Crypto virus

If you suspect you may have clicked on this link accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT on 1300 726 679