BlandsLaw Webinar 3 December – Law at Work; recent employment law case studies

We bring this year’s webinar series to a close with an overview of recent, real cases in employment law. Join Christine Broad as she teases out the common threads in these cases, and key lessons for employers, including:

Why you need enforceable workplace policies:  the past year has seen several high profile companies grappling with thorny workplace law issues such as social media, pornography and sexual harassment.
Find out why Linfox, Australia Post and Oracle ended up in court, and how these scenarios might have been avoided through the implementation of sound, enforceable policies.
Adverse action Рor not adverse action? That is the question. We look at two recent cases of alleged adverse  action, both with very different outcomes.
Where does the workplace begin and end? We consider a recent case of harassment which was found to contravene workplace law, even though some of the harassment took place outside the physical workplace location.

We also look at the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, and the ramifications both within and outside the workplace.

As ever, this webinar provides key lessons from recent, real cases, and practical tips on how to minimise risk to your business.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 1pm AEDT. Register here.