Business After Hours at WiSE and TRED, 3 July – Review

Dr Pankaj Arora taking guests on a tour of WiSE

Dr Pankaj Arora taking guests on a tour of WiSE

There’s a new alternative to waiting for hours in the emergency room at a public hospital, as our members and guests discovered at our July Business After Hours. If you have a non-life threatening illness but you need a hospital, head to WiSE (Walk in Specialise Emergency) Clinic at the corner of Talavera and Khartoum Roads in Macquarie Park (entry via Khartoum Rd). No waiting for hours – doctors are on hand to assess and treat you. A one-off fee of $200 covers scans, x-rays and anything else you may need; bloods and scans etc are processed immediately on the premises so you can get a quick result without waiting days. It’s a fantastic service. Our members and guests got a guided tour of the clinic, which opened in February, and its state-of-the-art equipment. Please find out more at the website to see how WiSE can help you when you need it.

Co-hosting this event was TRED, the nationally endorsed health care training college which is co-located on the premises and is set to expand internationally in the next twelve months. If you know of anybody seeking a career in the health care or childcare industry, TRED is your local training provider. TRED also has very well-equipped training rooms for hire if you need them.

Who spoke at the event?

Tony Abboud, President, RBF. Tony endorse the Fusion Foundation’s Gala Ball and encouraged everyone to attend on 27 October. He covered where we are up to with amalgamating RBF and Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber of Commerce, and he reminded people about our lunch on 10 August.

Rob Wilkinson mentioned that all four children at Riding for the Disabled (Ryde) have been sponsored by RBF members. Rob also sp0ke about an upcoming Charity Golf Day – more info coming soon on that.

Martina Fox from Royal Rehab mentioned that Royal Rehab is taking part in Eden Gardens’ outdoor sculpture display this year, with a team of rehab clients building a sculpture. To take part she is seeking $2500 in sponsorship. If you’d like to become a patron of the arts, please contact her.

As well as taking guests on tours of WiSE, Dr Pankaj Arora spoke about what WiSE can do for you if you are ill or injured, and how the organisation came about.

Nutan Srivastava from TRED covered some of the areas in which TRED provides training.

Business of the Month was won by Arthritis NSW, which is celebrating 50 years of assisting those with arthritis. The lucky draw – a $200 WiSE voucher and a magnum of Champagne – was won by Graham Nisbet of Continuity Planners Australia.

RBF thanks WiSE and TRED for their hospitality (no pun intended); a delicious spread of food and drinks and very generous lucky draw prizes.

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