Business of the Month, August 2014: Altus Q

Altus Q enables organisations to become more efficient and profitable by analysing their business drivers, and employing a coaching methodology to create and implement the necessary strategies.

RBF Member Offer
For the month of August, all RBF members will receive a complimentary Business health-check.  Simply contact Ivan at

Ivan Gavran is your Local Altus Q representative and his specialties include:

Some businesses are victims of their own success and have outgrown themselves.
Ivan is an expert at re-engineering Culture and Structure to get Leaders out of the business so they can work on it, not in it.

Energy and Focus:
Some businesses find it difficult to maintain energy and focus.
The key to energy/focus is having clear goals, knowing what NOT to do, and an awareness of one’s limiting beliefs.
The impact that personal fears can have on a Business is significant, for example:
* Many Leaders can’t delegate and get out of the Operations as they find it difficult to trust.
* Many sales interactions do not convert due to a lack of confidence, due to the Leader’s sense of self-worth.
Business is a reflection of how the Leaders feel about themselves. Ivan is an expert in helping people to unpick their limiting beliefs to drive clear and confident decision-making.