Business of the Month August 2015: San Siro Financial and a special offer to help Camp Quality

Fabian De Marco has a very special offer for RBF members which will run until 30 June 2016.  In his own words:

“I personally have a long standing relationship with Camp Quality from my previous involvement as an owner of Galaxy Football School in Ryde. Since launching San Siro Financial I have now transferred that relationship to our Brokerage.
“I have given this some considerable thought and would like to propose the following special offer to all Ryde Business Forum members valid up until June 30th 2016. As you will notice it is a unique offer and something I am very passionate about as Cancer has affected my family in the past.
The benefits to Members are the following;
  1. FREE Consultation with myself (Head Broker) to review their existing lending facilities using a highly effective 4 step strategy which has already saved many of our clients thousands of dollars per year
  2. Refinance or take out a new mortgage and San Siro Financial will make a cash donation of $1,000 to Camp Quality on behalf of Ryde Business Forum, the member and San Siro Financial as per the terms and conditions attached in the flyer. (Read the flyer here:San Siro Financial – Ryde Business Forum Offer.)
I would love to be able to end the year being able to fund an entire camp for all kids with the proceeds of this special offer.”
So… talk to Fabian about your mortgage needs and help Camp Quality improve the lives of kids with cancer – or make your own donation via the link above.