Business of the Month August 2016 – HCF Macquarie Centre

YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST, BECAUSE WE’RE NOT FOR PROFIT  We're a little different from most health funds; we're not driven by profit but by improving and safeguarding the health of our members.  That's why, since 1932, we've focused on helping hundreds of thousands of Australians lead healthier lives and getting the most from the healthcare system. Put simply, it means every cent of profit we make goes back into the fund instead of being divided among shareholders. Which means investing in members health now, and for the future. One of the many ways we champion all Australians’ health is by giving back.  Each year, we dedicate significant time and funds to partners who share our vision of a healthier future. Our activity is focused on three key areas: active living; research and education; and community. We’re keen to hear from like-minded businesses who share our commitment to creating healthy futures for Australians. So whether you are interested in a health fund for yourself, your business or share our vision we’d love to hear from you. Ryde Business Forum members get a special offer. To share a proposal, or make an introduction, contact Carmen on (02) 9887 4632 or email and mention RBF