Business of the Month, June 2017 – Bahar Persian Food and Art

In the spirit of our upcoming amalgamation with Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber of Commerce, we included RMPCC members in our Business of the Month draw this month, and one of their members, Russell Sajadi, was drawn as the winner.

Russell owns Bahar Persian Food and Art Supermarket at 32B Church Street, Ryde. It’s a delicious and aromatic look into Persian culture, with everything from Turkish Delight and warm nuts through to bubble pipes, musical instruments and more.

For foodies wanting to try their hand at cooking authentic Persian cuisine, Russell stocks every ingredient you’ll need, from enticing cookbooks to herbal distilled waters flavoured with willow catkins and basil. He has green lentils from Canada, two- to three-year-old basmati rice from India (Lal Qilla is a popular brand), bulgar or cracked wheat from Turkey, pickled cucumbers from Israel, plus chickpeas, red beans, borlotti beans and black-eyed beans from the Ord River in northern Australia.

But most of the tinned, dried and fresh products in his brightly lit, neat store come from Iran. He sells nougat, dates, pomegranate molasses, tomato pastes, vine leaves and the sugar-cubes Iranians put between their teeth while they drink their tea.

Drop in and say hi to Russell, and explore his fascinating shop, or phone 9808 1755.