Business of the Month October 2012 – Sally Foley-Lewis Fast Track Manager Productivity

Sally Foley-LewisManagers are a unique breed of people. They’re highly motivated, buoyed by their promotion and primed to do a great job. Business owners want staff to be productive and effective from their first day on the job. Unfortunately, managers and business owners may not be equipped with the skills to actually manage and lead their team.

– Expectations and standards are being met, no matter how many times to ask?

– Giving feedback only seems to end in tears or the silent treatment?

– Staff are leaving their A-game at home?

That’s where Sally comes in.

No one wants to fail!

Sally struggled in her transition from a senior project officer to Executive Officer, a new manager experience! No manager should ever go through what she went through!  She’s now driven to empower managers to be conscious of their thinking and actions; to be authentic, strong and confident to achieve success in their new role.

Helping clients to transition seamlessly from team member or solopreneur to successful people manager alleviates a great deal of stress and uncertainty whilst equipping them to focus on the tasks at hand. All the while empowering managers to stay focused on productivity and efficiency.

Sally has lived and worked in a number of Australian cities and towns as well as overseas, in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. She’s trained, facilitated, and coached clients from small to large multinational organisations across a range of industries, such as oil and gas, shipbuilding, construction, telecoms, aviation, education, banking, insurance, utilities and government services.

Sally is the skill builder!

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Making First Time Managers Fantastic:

I strongly recommend Sally Foley-Lewis as a Management Trainer and Coach for you and the supervisors and managers of your organisation. She combines top credentials, a keen sense of urgency, sharp facilitation skills and a very personable and engaging communication style to deliver recommendations and programs that improve staff performance. I continue to rely on Sally for her management wisdom – because it works!

Robin Dickinson

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management-success-cardsSally created Management Success Cards®  to help managers think and act more clearly, confidently and successfully. Forget Chicken Soup For The Soul, these are caffeine for the managers brain!

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