Change a child’s life for $600 with RDA Ryde

If you knew that $600 could change the life of a child with mental and/or physical disabilities, would you do it? Rob Wilkinson of Ryde Sports Foundation says it’s a no brainer.

Rob with Lhamo at her 'graduation' in 2015

Rob with Lhamo at her ‘graduation’ in 2015

Last year Rob sponsored Lhamo, an eight year old girl with severe disability, for riding lessons at Riding for the Disabled, Ryde. Lhamo’s parents couldn’t afford to send her for her weekly lessons at RDA – lessons that had made a significant difference to Lhamo’s muscle tone and coordination. Rob stepped in, and he’s stepping in again this year and sponsoring Lhamo for more lessons.

Rob said, “I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone to sponsor a child to ride with RDA and see the joy on their faces and the difference being on these horses for an hour a week makes. $600 can sponsor one child for a weekly ride or two children for a fortnightly ride. I urge RBF members to support RDA and its clients as RDA provides a unique service.”

Talk to RDA Ryde onĀ 9868 2223 and find out how easy it is to make a real difference in our local community.