Club 6 Max Potential Program for Youth Leadership – business people wanted!

Max Potential, a community programme sponsored by 6 clubs in the Ryde area, was launched last year and the program itself is about to commence in Ryde.

It is aimed at teaching Year 11 students about leadership.

The clubs this year have decided to put some of their placements out to the local business community and Brad Browne of Club RydeX would like to offer it to members first.

“There is no cost for these placements; the clubs pay for them and so there is around $2.5k worth of coaching available in order for you to coach your student.  It is a very good way to spread your networking in to the community as well do some feel good stuff for our local students,” Brad said.

“It is a time commitment with two half day coach training sessions, and one on one sessions with coach and student times around 5pm, as well three workshop sessions at half a day. The course runs for 22 weeks.”

Click here to see the timeline for the course, and here to read more about the program.

“Do let  let me know if you’re interested, and I can send you a coach application form,” Brad said. Please note the first coaching day is Wednesday 27 February – so be quick! Contact Brad on 9807 3344 for more information.