Combined Chambers Christmas Party roundup

This year’s Combined Chambers Christmas Party, hosted by Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber, was voted best ever by many of the 150 or so people who joined in the fun at Riding for the Disabled on 9 December.

A hayride on a dray pulled by a handsome Clydesdale carried partygoers from the carpark to the venue, and a minibus kindly provided by RBF memberĀ Christian Community Aid took them back at the end of the evening.

MC and DJ Stefan Sojka of Cyrius Media kept the music coming, with Roseanne Gallo of RG Music taking the mic on several songs. While the theme of the event was country and western, the music was party classics, and the (novel) sawdust dance floor was filled with swirling cowboys and cowgirls. The inevitable conga line made its way around RDA’s superb covered arena later in the evening. Stefan’s ‘stage’ was a vintage flatbed truck provided by Ross Rocca of Midway Cellars. Thanks to Ross and other businesses who kicked in to make this night such a success.

The bucking bull ride provided tons of fun for those riding and those watching – and several hundred dollars for Riding for the Disabled in an auction of six keen riders. Charles Kilby Jr stayed on board the longest at 24 seconds.

Most Christmas parties are visited by Santa Claus, but in this case Lady Godiva made a surprise appearance on a stock horse – well, this was at RDA after all!

You can see all the fun of the party in a fantastic photo gallery on the Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber website – there are three pages of photos to bring back memories or make you wish you’d joined us that night.

Thanks to the Ryde Macquarie Park team and in particular Charles Kilby of Aussie Home Loans Ryde and Stefan Sojka, who were the key organisers, for such a terrific night and delicious BBQ. Eastwood Chamber, the hosts of next year’s party, will find this year’s a hard one to top.