Free branding workshops for RBF Members from Mark 2 Creative

Mark Buckingham of Mark 2 Creative has a special offer for RBF members valid until the end of March 2014:

Is a brand in the hand really worth two in the bush? It certainly is, because if your brand is in a bush then it’s hidden, ineffective and probably getting ensnared in the weeds of inconsistency. Whereas, a brand in the hand can be controlled, directed and used to boost business and deliver increased profit.

So where is your brand at this moment in time? Is it held up high, with reason and meaning at its core, or has it slipped into some forgotten walled garden where it just vegetates?

Do you care? Well you should, because all successful businesses have a strong brand at the centre of their achievements. They live and breathe brand because it sets them apart from their competition and helps them engage with their customers. This isn’t just true for large corporations; it’s the same for small businesses. Those that exploit it make hay, because most of their competition don’t appreciate its significance.

Mark 2 Creative are brand experts, and wherever you’re at with yours, we can help. If you have a brand that is riding high we will take it even higher. If your brand needs help then we will develop it and create a real presence for you in your marketplace. And if brand is just a thought in your to do list, struggling to get to the top of your agenda, we will create one and take you and your business to new levels of success.

For a limited time we are offering free branding workshops for Ryde Business Forum Members. We meet with you and discuss what a brand is, demonstrate the successes that are achieved by those that implement a coherent strategy and we determine what your brand strategy should be, based on the realities of your business and your marketplace. It’s completely free with no obligation on your part, we even bring donuts!

This offer only runs until the end of March, so don’t miss out. Give our friendly team a call on 02 800 MARK2 (8006 2752) or email us at You can also find more information at our website