Gahleru Solutions is now Mach5 IT Solutions

mach5RBF member Richard Grace has for several years provided IT services with his business Gahleru Solutions. He has changed his company’s name to Mach5 IT Solutions but the service is still fantastic – and in a new location in Epping.

“We’re now in Suite 2.02, 3 Carlingford Road in Epping. This makes it convenient for anyone who prefers local IT support,” Richard said.

“We offer all forms of IT support from organising internet connections and phone lines, to new servers, workstations and cloud services.”

Richard has some specials for August 2013 for all RBF members:

  • FROM $100: Add RAM memory to your laptop or desktop computer to help it run better.
  • FROM $600: Upgrade your computer with a solid state hard drive. It runs faster and weighs less.
  • FROM $1900: Become a lot more productive with a hi-spec, hi-speed, low-weight Toshiba Ultrabook. (see Richard’s review of the Toshiba Portege Z930 here)

If you’d like to know more about any of Richard’s services, contact him on 1300 872727.

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