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About Camp Footloose 2017

Kids at Camp FootlooseCamp Footloose is a supportive sport-and-recreation camp that we hold annually for children and young people (9 to 18 years) with juvenile arthritis, a persistent and serious medical condition that now affects 1 in 800 Australian children.

Over the five-day residential camp, participants are guided through a variety of fun and educational activities by our staff and volunteer leaders. A registered nurse is on-site for the duration of the camp, available 24 hours per day to assist with medications and pain management in case of a flare-up. Health education speakers present information to help participants develop their self-management skills, providing them with a sense of control over their condition and their lives.

For children and young people with juvenile arthritis, Camp Footloose delivers long-lasting benefits in an environment where they can participate and have fun without fear of judgement. The camps help them develop their resilience, as well as promoting a sense of normality and social inclusion.

Applications are currently open for Camp Footloose 2017 which is being held at the Berry Sport & Recreational Centre, Berry NSW, from 25 September to 29 September. The PDF below provides more information about our camps for kids.

Arthritis NSW – Camps for Kids

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

As a charitable organisation, we rely heavily on community support and sponsorship to continue running programs like our children’s camps. The costs associated with delivering Camp Footloose are high, in the vicinity of $50,000 per camp, equivalent to $1,500 per participant. This is due to the high staff-to-child ratio (1:3), on-site registered nurse, health educators, and speciality equipment for recreational activities we provide.

To ensure accessibility, we contain camp fees to $165 for members, $215 for non-members. Sponsorship is sought to cover the shortfall between fees recovered and the actual cost per participant.

Sponsoring Camp Footloose is a wonderful way to have a lasting impact on the lives of the children and young people attending, who all face the challenges inherent to living with juvenile arthritis. When you sponsor Camp Footloose, we will work with you to ensure that the collaboration compliments your existing brand values, enhances your image, and provides a platform to increase the positive community perception of your business.

Our sponsorship packages have been structured so that no matter what size your business, there is an ability to invest and partner with us in delivering Camp Footloose. The PDF document below provides detailed information about our sponsorship opportunities.

Camp Footloose 2017 – Sponsorship Packages

For further information, call Monique Pockran on 02 9857 3300.