High Tea with Kumar Pereira 4 March – you’re invited

Former Master Chef contestant and well known Balmain local Kumar Pereira will host a High Tea at Jackson’s Landing in Pyrmont on 4 March, and you’re invited.   The event is designed to raise funds and awareness for Huntington’s disease.

Kumar was born in Sri Lanka and has always been passionate about food.  Kumar Pereira is a graphic designer, design teacher, food writer and tour guide. He was a crowd favourite on series 3 of Australia’s MasterChef where he made the top 12.

In 2015 Kumar participated in an advertising campaign run by SBS to raise awareness for Huntington’s and has generously offered to host a high tea to further assist this worthwhile organisation Huntington’s NSW. Check out the SBS TV Ad https://youtu.be/C6D9zawqmso

Huntington’s NSW supports families of people with this rare genetic disease.

To make a booking call Pauline 9874 9777 or go to the website huntingtonsnsw.org.au and click High Tea with Kuma Pereira

For further information on how to book for the High Tea with Kumar call 02 9874 9777 or visit the website http://www.huntingtonsnsw.org.au  and click on High Tea with Kuma Pereira

  • Huntington’s disease is a genetic, neurological disorder
  • It affects speech, swallowing, movement, personality and cognitive dysfunction
  • There is no known cure for Huntington’s disease
  • Each child of a parent with Huntington’s disease has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease

For more information visit: www.huntingtonsnsw.org.au

For further media information please contact Pauline Keyvar on 0409 363 987 or email pauline@huntingtonsnsw.org.au