HillsSIP has changed its name to 2Realise

RBF Member Hills School Industry Partnership (HillsSIP) has announced a new name for its organisation: 2Realise.  The story behind the name change, below, has been taken from 2Realise’s newsletter issued today. For more information contact 2Realise or visit the website.

The Hills Schools Industry Partnership began operating in 1998 when it was established by the Hills Chamber of Commerce to facilitate work placement learning for Year 11 and 12 students. Since that time the range of services and the area in which the organisation operates has expanded.

In late 21011 HillsSIP recognised the changing landscape within the not-for-profit sector required the organisation to adapt to ensure its long term sustainability. The organisation embarked on a rigorous process to determine the strategic direction. The result recognised the need to establish a more identifiable brand that will better reflect the current and future path of the organisation and its clients.

A communications and marketing consultant with a specialised knowledge of the not-for-profit sector, was employed to lead the branding project. A thorough process of research, understanding and consultation with stakeholders was then undertaken.

The organisation embeds itself in local communities, building relationships and partnerships with the ultimate aim to give young people, particularly those at risk, the awareness and opportunity to go out on their own and be productive members of the community and workforce. The success of the programs and services continues to resonate with everyone who interacts with the organisation, as a recognised leader in building partnerships to create a whole of community approach to engage young people and shape futures.

The proposition is simple, so an updated definition of the organisation was developed as part of the process to clarify the path and parameters of the re-branding.

A charity supporting young people by forming partnerships to develop sustainable, social, emotional and employment skills.

Capturing who the organisation is, what is stands for, where it is going and how it wants to achieve its objectives….

Vision: Recognised national leader facilitating quality services to young people; to develop mental, social and emotional resilience, 2realise their full potential.

Mission: Develop the capacity and skills of young people; focussing on social and emotional resilience, educational outcomes and employability, to assist them to better integrate into their community, realising their existing skills and developing their full potential.

Values: Respect, Leadership, Understanding, Confidentiality, Team Work, Dare to Dream, Partnerships, Communication.