Huntington Walk 4 Hope Sunday 27 September in Parramatta Park

This post supplied by West Ryde Chamber of Commerce.

Huntington’s NSW is a non-profit organisation based in West Ryde, it provides support for families affected by Huntington’s disease in NSW and the ACT. September is nationally Huntington’s awareness month and there will be a Walk held in Parramatta Park on Sunday 27 September. Registration is $30 which includes a T-shirt. This event as a fundraising and awareness event designed for family and community participation. We invite West Ryde businesses to be involved in Walk 4 Hope and help us to promote the fundraiser through your business networks.
Growing up in a Huntington’s disease family can be extremely difficult and each child of a parent with HD has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. To date there is no known cure or proven treatment. This year we are focussing our fundraising efforts on the establishment of a youth services program to help break down the sense of isolation that many young people experience.

Here is the link for Huntington Walk 4 Hope website and the poster is here:

For further enquiries please contact Pauline Keyvar, Fundraising & Marketing Consultant for Huntington’s NSW on 0409 363 987 or