James Squire Cup at Ryde Rollercoaster Run

This year’s Ryde Rollercoaster Run will feature the first ever James Squire Cup which presents local businesses the opportunity to create a wonderful team building exercise as they compete against other businesses within our local community.

James Squire established one of the first businesses in the local area. His establishment on the banks of the Parramatta River at Putney served the needs of those in the local area as well as those travelling along the river. It is only then appropriate that we honour his pioneering role as a business in this region by having an event that involving local businesses named in his honour.

The James Squire Cup is a 3 person relay event over the 3.2km Ryde Rollercoaster Run course. Teams drawn from businesses operating in the local area will compete with each other for the honour of winning and holding the James Squire Cup. As a team event it provides the opportunity for local businesses to participate in a team building exercise that brings together their employees in a common endeavour.

The James Squire Cup will be a part of the events held on the Sunday 8 November as part of the Ryde Roller Coaster Run and at this stage it is anticipated that the event will commence at approximately 9.30am. The final timing of the event on the day will be confirmed closer to the date.

Please click here to download information about the course: James Squire Cup

For more information contact Roy Maggio: 0418 299 347; or Robert Abood: 0419 691 304