Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey speaks at RBF luncheon

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Joe Hockey

The Hon Joe Hockey MP speaks at our Business @ Lunch at The Epping Club

“I understand the issues faced by small business,” was the message received by members and guests at today’s Business @ Lunch at The Epping Club, where guest speaker the Hon Joe Hockey MP spoke about growing up in a family business household. The problems facing small businesses are much the same today as ever – getting customers and clients, opening or working long hours, finding the money for taxes and wages; although, Mr Hockey pointed out, small businesses (in fact all businesses) have to deal with much more red tape than they ever did in the past. And that’s just one thing his party wants to reduce if it is voted in at the next federal election.

We know when we have a politician as a guest speaker that they will talk about their party’s plans, and Mr Hockey outlined the Coalition’s plans to get Australia in the black and successful:

  1. Get rid of carbon tax and mining tax. “We are the tenth biggest producer of energy in the world but the only one that taxes its own energy. The current government is spending money against the mining tax that it does not even yet have,” he said.
  2. Grow the pie. Invest wisely in infrastructure. “Don’t continue with the NBN without working out the benefits of using and blending other technologies such as wireless and satellite into the mix.”
  3. Reduce red tape across a range of industries and sectors from finance to mining. “21,000 new regulations have been brought in by the Federal Labor government. We would like to see deregulation across a number of industries,” Mr Hockey said.
  4. Make some IR changes within the scope of the current act. This is particularly relevant in the mining industry. “Some mines in WA get up to 18 visits a week from union officials, costing the mining companies hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in lost time.”
  5. Seize the opportunity for prosperity by developing trusting relationships with Asian nations. “Until recently the middle class in the USA and Europe ruled the spending world. Now credit is expensive and hard to get. The Asian middle class is emerging with cash in hand, not credit cards.” Mr Hockey said Australia needs to take advantage of this and welcome skilled Asian migrants into our society.
  6. Cut the number of public servants in Canberra. “With any cuts we make if we get into power, we would reinvest half the money saved into Defence, building new submarines and securing our computer networks,” he said. “Australia’s biggest defence threat is cyber hacking. The USA is concerned that our networks are not secure enough at the moment and this could impact on the US sharing intelligence with us.”

Sponsors with Joe HockeyAs well as thanking Mr Hockey for speaking to our members and guests and answering several questions from the floor, we’d like to thank our corporate table hosts:

  • The Diligent Group
  • Brad Garlick Ford
  • Hunt & Hunt Lawyers
  • Franke Hyland Patent & Trademark Attorneys
  • Snowden Parkes Real Estate

And of course a big thank you to The Diligent Group for sponsoring this event. The photo above shows key members of the Diligent team: L-R Sam Patrick (The Diligent Group), The Hon Joe Hockey MP, Lydia Scuglia (RBF), Mr John Alexander MP (Federal Member for Bennelong), Jorge Villalpando (The Diligent Group), Alex Ta (The Diligent Group).

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