Knight in shining armour needed for young RDA rider

Every so often we hear a story from our members which touches a real chord, and Riding for the Disabled at Ryde has sent us such a story. If your business can spare around $600 – or less if two or more businesses split the cost –  there is a disabled girl in our area who will be very grateful to be able to continue her therapy with RDA.

“As Rider Coordinator, I often come across some riders and families who are not only coping with disability in their life but other disadvantages as well,” Robyn Grindrod, RDA Ryde Rider Coordinator told us.

“There is a very sweet young girl, 8 years old, with serious multiple disabilities including physical and vision impairments. This child rode with us for a very brief time and it was very special to see how much progress she made in such a short time. Her verbal skills improved beyond her teachers’ belief, her confidence grew and her laughter was infectious. She loved calling her horse pink.

“It has come to my attention that this little girl is unable to return to benefit from the therapy RDA can provide due to her family’s financial situation, despite the year’s therapy fees being less than $600 to attend every week for a 45 minute class,” Robyn said.

So… who can help by providing a scholarship fund to provide this disadvantaged student with an opportunity to gain support, therapy and enjoyment riding a horse at RDA Ryde? We need a knight in shining armour – is that you? Contact Robyn at RDA now!