Leadership courses this autumn at MGSM

Take your leadership up to the sky this autumn with these courses at MGSM. MGSM’s suite of Leadership programs is designed to reflect the way leaders engage with the world and perform at their highest potential.

Depending on work position, knowledge and capabilities, leaders can choose from a continuous pathway of core or specialist programs that either begin or advance their leadership capacity.

THE NEW LEADER; 30 March – 1 April

Essentials of leadership.

This program covers key areas such as teams, communication, personal and leadership styles, change management and resilience.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of these themes and leave with fresh insights and practical skills and tools they can apply directly in the workplace.

Ideal for people in the early stages of a leadership role, or those about to step up to their first significant leadership / management position.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A solid understanding of the foundations for effective leadership.
  • A deeper understanding of personal preference and work style, and how it impacts others.
  • New and effective approaches for communication and influence.
  • Insights into current strengths and areas for development via a personal feedback process.
  • A practical understanding of how personal values and behaviour underpin leadership effectiveness.
  • An appreciation of the core components of successful teamwork and techniques for evaluating and enhancing team performance.
  • Strategies for engaging others and getting the best out of people using different leadership styles and approaches.

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Achieving leadership impact through improved effectiveness and performance.

This is a 4 day fast-paced program for high potential leaders using experiential techniques to explore new approaches and develop fresh skills.

Participants will gain a deeper insight into personal styles and effectiveness through a pre-program 360 assessment and the workshop debrief / coaching process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop strategies for dealing with high work demands, complexity and competing priorities.
  • Learn how to increase personal presence to achieve greater influence and impact.
  • Gain a deeper insight into personal styles and effectiveness.
  • Explore / resolve significant personal workplace issues by collaborating with others using a selection of issue analysis / problem solving tools.
  • Acquire new resources to maximise self-development and refine coaching skills.
  • Identify key strengths as well as the best priority areas for development and future role preparation.
  • Develop the capacity to swiftly assess situations and lead or follow with responsibility as necessary.

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Developing your capacity to influence.

A 5 day intensive residential workshop for functional and business unit leaders using action learning principles.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain deeper awareness of your personal style and approach to leadership.
  • Build individual capacity to develop teams.
  • Learn how to inspire commitment from others.
  • Learn how to use your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop professional networks for career enhancement.

Participants will develop a personal action plan and follow-up coaching is provided after the program.
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