Learn how to make fantastic videos in-house with Sonic Sight on 18 October

Join a one day program on 18 October to learn all you need to make awesome videos in-house.

“Many of our clients are wanting to produce engaging video content, quickly and cost effectively,” said Geoff Anderson of Sonic Sight.

“As video experts, we’ve beenĀ asked to put together a program to help them achieve this successfully.”

  • Social Media/ Marketing Videos
  • Internal communication
  • Case Study / Interviews
  • Training Videos
At the end of the program, you’ll come away with:
  • The skills to produce compelling videos that connect with the intended audience
  • Key technical skills with hands-on, practical training that can be easily applied back in the office.
  • Be ready to start producing valuable in-house videos.

Find out more and contact Geoff onĀ 9888 1110.