Meet the State Candidates Ryde. Videos of the candidates’ speeches and Q & A

Four candidates for the seat of Ryde in the upcoming State election were our special guest speakers at last night’s Meet the Candidates event, held in conjunction with Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber of Commerce.

Candidates for Ryde

Standing: Stefan Sojka. L-R Justin Alick, Victor Dominello, Julie Worsley, Jerome Laxale

In order of speaking, we heard from Jerome Laxale (Labor), Julie Worsley (Christian Democrats), Victor Dominello (Liberal) and Justin Alick (Greens).

Each candidate spoke for five minutes and then took part in a Q&A panel, answering questions from the floor. Stefan Sojka, Ryde Macquarie Park Chamber of Commerce President, was an excellent MC for the evening and kept the Q&A session rolling along quickly.

RBF thanks the candidates for taking the time out of their campaigns to take part in the evening.

Big thanks also to RBF’s Vice President Andrew Hill, who captured the night on video. If you weren’t able to attend, please find the candidates’¬†videos below:

Candidates’ speeches

Video 1: Jerome Laxale

Video 2: Julie Worsley

Video 3: Victor Dominello

Video 4: Justin Alick

Q&A session:

Find all the Q&A videos here on Andrew Hill’s YouTube Channel:¬†