MGSM Executive Education for winter 2015

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) has four new courses to be run over the upcoming months. Click on the links for more information.

Leading Through Change; 17-18 August 
Leading during times of change can feel chaotic. When organisations change, the rules are different and leaders need a new way of working to remain effective and deliver the results the organisation needs. Often, frustration can occur as many of the strategies you have developed in your career don’t seem to work.

This practical course focuses on all levels of change impact. It builds confidence in managing change for you as an individual manager, through to your direct reports and the organisation as a whole.

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Coaching In Organisations; 4-5 & 24-25 August 
Are people in your organisation highly engaged? Is your team collaborating at 100% or is there room for growth? Is your organisation’s culture enabling people to perform at their best?

By making coaching part of your leadership style you will also be able to spot performance issues earlier and address them rapidly. Highly engaged teams allow leaders to concentrate on bigger picture issues and reduce the need for micro-management as well as minimising time spent rectifying issues.

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Communicating With Presence & Impact; 23-24 June
This program is designed for those who need to communicate effectively in high-stakes environments with greater levels of presence, confidence, clarity, and authenticity. Participants are taken through the key stages involved in delivering inspiring presentations.

In an intensive practical session, individuals receive tailored coaching on their delivery style and content, learning the ability to recognise the style and communication preferences of others.

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Leadership for the 21st Century; 6-9 July
Recent research suggests that leading effectively in the 21st Century requires more than the well known leadership abilities of establishing a vision and motivating others. In today’s economy leaders also need to quickly adapt to changes in the environment, solve problems effectively, understand different perspectives, and intuitively know how to support other people’s efforts.

Designed in collaboration with the About My Brain Institute, this program is based on the i4 Neuroleader Model, which uses neuroscience to explain the competencies underpinning the new era of work.

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