MGSM Leadership Deep Dive program – new dates

Following the recent Leadership Deep Dive launch events, MGSM has had many enrolments in the program from a range of sectors and industries including Federal Government Departments, Medical, Pharmaceuticals , Financial Services, and Transport/Logistics.

However, a number of people have indicated that they were interested in enrolling, but were unable to attend the first session due to time constraints in gaining approval or clashes in their schedule.

Therefore, MGSM has rescheduled the program to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend.

The new dates are:

Session 1             Tues 29th September – Thurs 1st October 2015

Session 2             Tues 17th November – Thurs 19th November 2015

Session 3             Tues 2nd February – Thurs 4th February 2016

So the good news is that you have not missed out on this program designed for senior executives and leaders seeking new and innovative ways to advance their organizations and now have until August 19th to enrol.  This world class program  built on Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence not only changes businesses, it changes lives. Faculty teaching on the program include Richard Boyatzis PhD and David Cooperrider PhD.

Please contact MSGM to arrange an appointment to discuss how the program can help individuals become the CEO of their own success, and/or how the program can be a catalyst for transformational change in your team or organisation.

Find out more ab0ut Leadership Deep Dive here.