MGSM’s Innovation Architect Program


The Innovation Architect ran with great reviews in May 2013, and MGSM is delighted to announce that Professor Paddy Miller will return in November to deliver the program again.

He will challenge your thinking on the importance of innovation to your organisation.

“It’s not about product innovation,” he says, “but rather embedding innovation in your organisation.”

He doesn’t teach how to innovate; his mission is to develop leaders who create space for innovation to happen. He calls them ‘Innovation architects’.

An extremely entertaining speaker, Professor Miller is engaged by some of the top global companies to challenge their thinking on innovation. These include Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal, AngloGold to name just a few.

Program benefits:

  • practical tools and techniques that are key to innovation, set against the context of specific needs of the different business units, divisions and subsidiaries
  • practical ways to embed innovation in the culture of the organisation
  • a view of the latest trends such as crowd sourcing, choice architecture and open innovation
  • networking with senior peers from different companies
  • sharing of ideas and best practices to enrich a common understanding of innovation at work

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Date: November 25-26, 2013 (Non-residential)

Venue: MGSM North Ryde, Sydney Campus

Cost: $3,630 inc GST.