New Cryptolocker Virus – be alert!

Thanks to member Chill IT for this information.

Please be aware that recently there has been an outbreak of  new Cryptolocker virus spam emails spreading and targeting businesses.

The most recent involves an email stating an invoice to be paid. This prompts you to download a file which installs the Cryptolocker virus on your machine and encypts all files.

Please refer to below image for what the email may look like:


Although this may seem legitimate, any links in this email are linked to a form of malware known as CryptoLocker and it is designed to encrypt your data including documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s, zip files on Network Drives, removable drives and your local machine. Once infected – the malware demands payments from $300 upwards to decrypt your data.

Ways to reduce the risks of being infected:

  • Not to click on any links or attachments in these emails.
  • Delete all odd or suspicious emails right away.
  • Strong firewall on the perimeter of the network

We urge all users to be vigilant when opening emails, always keep an eye on suspicious links.

If you suspect you may have clicked on the links accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT on 1300 726 679