Give your customers a gift for their kids this Christmas

Here’s a corporate gift with a difference – Colour My Australia books from Savvy Graphics.

Packed with beautiful illustrations and educational puzzles for the kids. Colouring develops concentration, aids fine motor skills, encourages exploration of colour and stimulates creative thinking. They are a novelty to today’s generation. These books are educational and 100 percent Australian! Minimum orders 250. Samples are available.

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Joe Hockey Speaks At RBF Luncheon

Joe Hockey speaks at RBF luncheon

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Joe Hockey

The Hon Joe Hockey MP speaks at our Business @ Lunch at The Epping Club

“I understand the issues faced by small business,” was the message received by members and guests at today’s Business @ Lunch at The Epping Club, where guest speaker the Hon Joe Hockey MP spoke about growing up in a family business household. The problems facing small businesses are much the same today as ever – getting customers and clients, opening or working long hours, finding the money for taxes and wages; although, Mr Hockey pointed out, small businesses (in fact all businesses) have to deal with much more red tape than they ever did in the past. And that’s just one thing his party wants to reduce if it is voted in at the next federal election.

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