Pearls of wisdom at today’s Business Improvement Seminar

Mike Rich

Mike Rich presenting at today’s seminar

Dynamic presenter Mike Rich, Managing Director of Attaché Software and Founder of M-Institute, which aims to double the number of SMEs that grow from $1m to $10m turnover, held the audience in the palm of his hand at this morning’s free Business Improvement Seminar.

Mike shared the top 50 business improvement ideas, proven to grow businesses quickly, designed for business owners and managers to learn about reducing debtors, managing stock, expenses, customers, HR and much more. Mike shared that an average $2m turnover business is finding $200k in cash improvement from these ideas… quickly.

While we won’t give away Mike’s tips – there is another Business Improvement Seminar on 28 November which you will be invited to attend. (Early birds can register now by clicking here.)

A big tip he gave was to stop multi-tasking. The more projects you try to juggle at once, the more time wasted as you get your head back into gear for each project. Try and tackle one at a time, quickly and thoroughly. And turn off the email and social media while you do.

Mike’s presentation also encouraged business owners to think about their business systems and how they integrate – or don’t, as the case may be and he encouraged attendees to try using the Attaché Scorecard app for Apple and Android. This is a FREE App which will help you quickly uncover how much cash you can free up in your business, simply by improving your business processes. Why not try it out and find out how your business scores? Let us know how you go.