Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan for West Ryde and Meadowbank

The City of Ryde is seeking your feedback to improve pedestrian facilities at Meadowbank Station West and West Ryde Centre. The input you provide will go toward development of draft Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans (PAMP) for these areas.

The purpose of the PAMP is to provide a strategic framework for developing safe and accessible pedestrian routes and fostering improvements in pedestrian mobility. The PAMP will contain a comprehensive overview of pedestrian issues in the study area as well as a recommended program of works that will guide future prioritisation of capital works.

The objectives of a PAMP are to:

• Encourage pedestrian activity for short trips (1.5 – 2 km)

• Reduce the number of missing connections within the pedestrian network

• Improve pedestrian safety

• Improve pedestrian connectivity with other transport modes, including train, bus, bicycle and car

• Provide facilities which cater for the needs of all pedestrians, including people with disabilities, commuters, children, seniors and recreational walkers

• Complement existing and future planned walking and cycling facilities in the area

Stakeholder Workshop 

You are invited to attend a workshop to discuss existing issues and brainstorm ideas for proposed improvements.

Details for the workshop are: 
•  Date:  Tuesday, 21 March 2017 
•  Time:  3.00 – 4.30pm 
•  Location:  West Ryde Hall, 1A Station Street, West Ryde 
•  RSVP:  by 7 March 2017 at 

You can also submit your feedback by going online to and completing the online survey and showing us on the online map exactly where there are issues with walking in your area. The online survey will be available until 7 March 2017.

For more information on the Meadowbank Station West PAM P and West Ryde Centre PAMP, please visit or call us at (02) 9952 8206.