Prime Minister Abbott visits North Ryde

Tony Abbott

Mr Abbott addresses guests.

Last week’s leadership turmoil is over, and now the Federal Government is back on track to build a stronger and more prosperous economy, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott told locals today in Ryde.

Mr Abbott met with invitation-only guests for morning tea in the high-tech 3M Innovation Centre in North Ryde, an event organised by John Alexander MP, Member for Bennelong.

Before personally meeting and greeting the hundred-plus business people and residents, Mr Abbott spoke for a few minutes about what the government had achieved in its first sixteen months in office and what it plans to achieve.

He spoke about the government’s commitments and how they were progressing against them:

  • Stop the boats. “The boats have stopped, and now hundreds are no longer dying at sea,” Mr Abbott said.
  • Carbon tax. “The carbon tax is gone and on average households will now have an extra $550 a year,” he said.
  • Roads for the 21st Century upgrades have started. “We will give you your lives back as you won’t be stuck in traffic jams wasting hours of your time around our great city.”
  • Get the budget back under control. “We have made a good start and if the senate and Labor party are prepared to work with us we would get this job done more quickly. That is what we will be doing this year, focusing on the future not the past to deliver the better Australia you want and deserve.”
Mr Abbott

Happy about the idea of a strong and prosperous economy – or those small business tax cuts.

“A strong and prosperous economy is one where if you’re a worker you keep your job. If you’re a businessman you can be confident that your markets are expanding. As customers you can be confident you can afford the things you need to buy. Young people can look forward to buying their own home. A safe and secure Australia means you can walk down the street and feel you belong and that police and security agencies are looking after you. That’s the kind of Australia we are delivering for you every day,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott stated the government had done a lot in the last sixteen months but there is a lot more to do

Last week the government introduced new rules to try to ensure Australia retains sovereignty over our agricultural land.

Today it is presenting new rules on deeming to ensure that part pensioners have more money in their pockets.

In coning weeks there will be a new families package focussing on childcare so families have more money.

There will be a new package for jobs and small business with, at its heart, small business tax cuts. “In the end it’s our people and businesses which are the best assets we have. If our people and businesses can be as inventive and creative as possible that’s going to be good for all of us. We will not rest until this country is as good as we can possibly be, until each of us have all the opportunity we need and want. Our job is to make it better tomorrow than it is today,” Mr Abbott concluded.

Host Mr JH Lee, CEO of 3M, thanked the Prime Minister for visiting the facility.

Mr Abbott presented Mate of Bennelong Certificates to RBF members John Booth AM and Ulrike Eichmeyer of The Weekly Times for their community involvement.

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