Protest Rally 1 June about delays in completing West Ryde’s redevelopment

David Tompkins, President of West Ryde Chamber of Commerce, has sent us the following information – there is to be a protest rally about the delays in completing West Ryde Shopping Centre on 1 June…

The West Ryde Shopping Precinct has had interruptions to business activity dating back to the mid 1990s with the drainage issue, more recently the Woolworths’ development and now the Coles debacle. You may not be adversely by the development but think of the poor businesses that are.

We have been told, by Coles, that the car park (taken away in March 2011) will not open until Feb 2014. I have it on good authority that the council and Coles carpark could be opened by July 2013. I am of the opinion that Coles may delaying the car park opening until their store is ready. Yes there needs to be some work completed and it may be inconvenient for Coles, but what about the small people. 

I need your help. Yes I would like you all to be members of The West Ryde Chamber but numbers are what count now.

We are planning a Rally in protest of any further delays to be help in West Ryde (preferably near the construction site) at 10am on Saturday 1 June 2013. All are welcome to be numbers in our demonstration of people power. I am organising some press to be present and hopefully some local political figures. The crowd is to be peaceful.

To coordinate the event we are holding a meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 15th May 2013 at the West Ryde Community Centre (TBC) where we will allocate tasks for banner construction and the like. 

Feel free to join us, contact me whether you can attend on Wednesday night or on 1 June at the rally. We need lots of people to assist.

You can contact David on 9812 1777.