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Anthony and Margaret

Anthony and Margaret at the book launch in Ryde Library

One of our members, Anthony English, has co-authored a book called Contract Matters: Procurement and Risk—A practical guide for buyers and suppliers. His co-author, procurement specialist, Margaret Gilbert, flew in from New Zealand to launch the book on 15 August at Ryde Library.

“If you were to put business down to a single word it would be “risk”,” Margaret said.

“At a corporate level, the risk is multiplied. There’s a lot of risk involved in procuring goods and services.

“Of course, if we all focused only on the risk, we’d never be in business. Business is about assessing risk, mitigating it, managing it,” she said.

Procurement professionals know they need to manage risk, but that doesn’t mean simply passing on all the risk to a supplier.

Procurement and suppliers are meant to work together, to mitigate risk and to get a good result. When buyers and suppliers do talk to each other, and take a serious “win/win” approach to negotiations, business is better for everyone.

This collaboration between buyer and supplier was the foundation of Anthony’s and Margaret’s book: Contract Matters: Procurement and Risk—A practical guide for buyers and suppliers.

The book is aimed at streamlining the procurement process, so that suppliers and buyers can work together, particularly in addressing issues around risk in the procurement process.

Margaret Gilbert heads Corporate Contracts Management Ltd in New Zealand, and has written more than 30 books related to procurement in her Contract Matters series.

As a local business coach, Anthony English knows how difficult it can be for suppliers who are sometimes overwhelmed when dealing with the RFP process.

Both authors thought there was value in a new approach to the procurement process, rather than buyers and suppliers taking an “Us vs. them” attitude to each other.

“We’ve included advice for both buyers and suppliers,” said Anthony, “to make the book accessible—even for non-experts.”

Margaret agreed. “Procurement doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s really a simple process, if you keep the business outcomes in mind.”

The new book is available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon. You can get it from this link, and the book will be officially launched in the Devlin Room at Ryde Library on 15 August at 2 pm

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