Clr Jerome Laxale And Tony Abboud

Ryde’s strong labour force continues to build.

Media Release by City of Ryde/RBF.

City of Ryde has resisted trends with better than average labour force figures for annual employment growth, participation rate and local youth unemployment.

Figures released by the NSW Parliamentary Research Service for August 2015 that set out key labour force indicators for 28 regions in NSW, show that the Ryde region produced better work force figures than Greater Sydney and NSW for employment growth, the participation rate and the youth unemployment rate$File/Ryde+labour+force+trends.pdf .

“These are very pleasing figures and bode well for the Ryde Local Government Area,” City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jerome Laxale said.

“The Ryde area has been one of Australia’s fastest growing economies in the last 10 years and Macquarie Park is now the largest commercial precinct in NSW outside of Sydney CBD, recently overtaking North Sydney.

“When I’m not Mayor, I run a business that has premises in 2 different local government areas. Councils have a huge role to play in economic development and liveability in our cities. For our city and community to prosper, we must always been at the forefront of innovation and planning.”

Between August 2000 and August 2015, employment in the Ryde region increased by 17.6% from 82,000 to 97,500. In the past 15 years, the Ryde unemployment rate has only briefly been over 5%.

Chairperson of the Ryde Business Forum, Tony Abboud, was pleased with the labour force figures. “These employment trends within Macquarie Park and the Ryde Local Government Area are a reflection of the collaboration between the City of Ryde and the local business community.

“The City of Ryde has created associations with the business community such as the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Macquarie Park Forum that have helped to facilitate this employment growth.”

Council’s Economic Development Unit works closely with local chambers of commerce and businesses. The Unit has recently launched the new City of Ryde Economic Development Plan 2015-19 which aims to build upon our local economy’s strengths and further enhance our positive economic progress.