She Business breakfast 8 April: How To Be A Great Leader And Create The World You Choose

Everyone is a leader – whether you think you are or not.

Leading is the way we get people, including ourselves, to act. The question is not whether we are leaders, but how well we lead. Our guest speaker Babette Bensoussan is an expert in the field, and happens to be Australia’s only certified Energy Leadership Index practitioner.

Energy Leadership™ is system which helps people to develop an effective leadership style to positively influence and change themselves, their business and those they work and interact with.

Usually when people think of leaders they think business owners, CEO and politicians. But parents, therapists, sports coaches, consultants, teachers, authors are all leaders too. In fact anyone who regularly interacts with others is a leader.

Babette will explain Energy Leadership’s 7 levels of awareness, which can transform your energy, performance and leadership abilities. These levels of awareness will help you to ditch the negativity that can surround personal lives, work and community.

At the end of the presentation you will understand:

• The seven levels of energy
• How to create the world as you choose it
• How energy attracts – making a difference

More information and registration details here.