She Business Diamond Workshop 2014

Imagine applying these figures to your business: A 54% increase in revenue, 40% increase in gross profit, net equity increase of 104%.

As an introduction to the incredible possibilities of a She Business Diamond Membership, this workshop will not only show you that growth like this is possible for your business, it will show you how to achieve it.

Learn the key factors for success.

In just four hours, Suzy Jacobs, founder of She Business and two high achieving She Business franchise owners will take you through the most important areas of running a successful and sustainable business.

They will share some of our previous members’ major achievements and help you understand the financial numbers that are crucial to your future.

• Become clear on knowing how much you need to earn and the formula for earning it.
• Learn what successful businesses do to make more money without increasing sales.
• Map out a plan that will achieve your strongest vision for your business.
• Discover how great performers increase their productivity while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Most importantly, learn how to give up the hard slog and develop a business that shows growth, earns money and achieves everything you’ve imagined.

No matter where things sit right now, we know you can make the changes that will lead to success.

WHEN:  Tuesday 11th March, 10am – 2pm
WHERE: Village CoWorking Level 3, 1 James Place North Sydney
COST:  $149 or $109 for She Business members

Register here. Enquiries to Suzy Jacobs.