She Business event 12 June: The Secret Formula To Monetising Your Services & Expertise

With technology, the internet and social media, we need new ways to market and monetise service, knowledge and information-based businesses. Our expert speaker and author Wendy Mak will show you how.

Wendy will teach how to sell, and market, yourself so that you can:

–  Create products (yes – even if you offer services!) that break through the limitations of ‘hourly-rate’ models

–  Establish a reputation as THE go-to-expert in your field so that you can cut through the noise & give your business the credibility (and profile) it deserves

–  Use the internet, social media and internet marketing to create a high-converting marketing funnel that sells more (and more easily) that are genuine & authentic to you.

At the end of this presentation you will know:

  1. Your platform – your “hero topic” that’ll give your business a credible voice in your field
  2. How to monetise your expertise and break through the income earning limitations of the hourly rate model
  3. The key elements of great signature products
  4. The power of the Internet and how to use the power of newsletters, blogs & internet marketing to be seen as the expert in your field.

And how to take all of the above to create a cohesive marketing funnel that will sell & convert.

All participants will have access to Wendy’s free eBook – The Ultimate Marketing Funnel (A 7-Step Guide For Service & Information Based Businesses To Sell & Convert More Online).

More information and registration form here.