She Business Event 31 Oct: Why Does Delegating Sound So Liberating & Yet Becomes So Stressful?

Have you experienced the stress of outsourcing? Do you find yourself thinking:By the time I explain it I may as well do it myself.
No-one can do it as well as I can
I’d rather keep the money in the business
I don’t mind working long hours

Is it any wonder we put delegation on the back burner?  But businesses can’t grow without leverage and leverage can’t happen without delegation.

To delegate effectively, you need the “5 Essential Keys to Empower Your Delegation”.

This half-day workshop will deliver:

√  Tried and true methods of delegation from well-known business mentors

√  The process of clarifying what needs delegating and under what kind of arrangement

√   Identification of delegation pain points and use of the 5 Essential Keys to overcome them

Plus we will dare to look at the limiting beliefs that prevent our business growth:

√   Why you don’t you readily invest in support

√   What gets triggered when it’s your time, money and client relationships on the line

√   How to set clear demarcation lines for professional relationships

√    Why it’s sometimes hard for women in business to;

know what we want
feel it’s OK to have what we want and
actually give ourselves permission to ask for what we want
We’ll cover the 5 Essential Keys in detail, and then wrap up the session with a practical conversation around:

What needs to change in your team?
Decisions you need to make
Action and Accountability Checklist: Your 5 Keys
Award-winning Mastery coach and facilitator Sue Tsigaros and the She Business team would love to have you join them –

Date:  Friday 31 October 2014

Time:  1 pm – 5 pm

Venue: Village CoWorking, L3, 1 James Place, North Sydney

Cost: $149 (She Business members) and $169 (non-members)

Over a career of more than 30 years, Sue’s experience in Psychology, Spirituality and Organisational and Business systems has created her core commitment;  to empower women in leadership to reach their full potential.

Working with deep wisdom, rigour, generosity and humour, Sue is expert in helping clients achieve authentic clarity and impact, along with financial success and vibrant wellbeing. As Group Mentor for our Norwest location, in addition to having launched two successful consultancies since 2002, Sue is only too familiar with needs of women in small business and their issues around delegation.

If you’ve experienced any challenges around this essential element of creating a leveraged and sustainable business which will give you financial security and a lifestyle you love, this is a must-attend workshop.

To register, simply click here.