She Business Lunch 10 July in Parramatta

How To Ditch Your Cash Flow Anxieties Once And For All – Women Only lunch

Most people in business concentrate on everything but the cash. They find it hard to ask for the cash, and are reluctant to charge what their product or service is really worth. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Guest speaker Monica Brewer says how you manage cash generation and expenditure will determine how successful your business is. The most common reason businesses fail is insufficient cash flow – and that’s often because of bad handling of the cash available combined with poor cash flow planning.

We have been conditioned by beliefs about how money works that don’t serve us well in business, says Monica.

While every business has its differences, the core principle for success is the same – and cash flow management and planning is crucial to that. When you understand the movement or timing of cash inflows and cash outflows you can make more effective decisions about how to manage cash, improve profitability and reduce stress levels at the same time.

You’ll leave this session with:

  • – An understanding of your conditioning around money and how to change your mindset
  • – Knowledge about the difference between profit and cash, and how to start your cash flow planning
  • – A new set of money rules for your financial future

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