She Business lunch 27 March: How To Triple Your Cash Flow in 90 Days Through Strategic Alliances

What if you had free access to the marketing power and resources – that money can’t buy – to grow your business? How would your business change if you could find a strategic partner with 1,000 customers you want, instead of finding 1,000 customers one at a time?

Today small and medium sized enterprises are driving economic growth, and the opportunities are better than ever for up-and-coming businesses to partner with larger companies. Guest speaker Simone Novello will explain the number one strategy of successful fast growing companies – and how you can apply it immediately to your business to capitalise on global trends.

During this session you will:

  1. Discover why forming the right strategic alliances is 6 times more effective on average – faster, cheaper and more profitable – than traditional marketing
  2. Learn the critical differences between a joint venture, a strategic alliance and a marketing partnership – and why getting this wrong is costing you great partners
  3. Discover Simone’s proven proprietary 6-step process for creating successful and lucrative strategic alliances

You will also be able access a free copy of Simone’s report on how to form successful and lucrative strategic alliances. The report reveals the three biggest mistakes, how to avoid them, and what is trending globally.

More information and registration here.