Small Business: Too Big To Ignore. Why you should get involved.

RBF members will have received emails this week from the NSW Business Chamber inviting them to take part in the Small Business: Too Big To Ignore federal campaign. So, what’s it all about and why should you take part?

This is a grassroots campaign to make it easier for small business to DO business. We all know what it’s like running a business. You spend a lot of time on compliance. IR laws are set up to favour the employee not the employer. And let’s not start on payroll tax and company tax -!

Many times when your try to innovate, expand, or develop your business, there seems to be a new obstacle put in your way by Government. This limits the ability of small business to create jobs and contribute more to the national economy.

When a major company has to make the decision to make say 100 staff redundant, it is front page news, but when 20 small business make 5 people redundant, it doesn’t even rate a mention, yet the impact, especially in regional Australia can be far greater. When you look at it simply, if every small business in Australia was able to employ one more worker, there would be no unemployment.

And let’s remember here that Australia is home to around 2 million small businesses which employ more than 7 million people. That’s more than 60 per cent of Australia’s workforce.

Those are big numbers. If we join together, we have power. We will be too big for Canberra to ignore.

The purpose of this campaign is to get support through all the Chambers of Commerce across Australia, feeding up through State chambers such as the NSW Business Chamber to ACCI (the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). With numbers behind the campaign, we will have the strength to put proposals forward to whichever party is in power after the federal election in September.

Already this campaign is going viral on social media. In upcoming weeks you’ll see more of it in your local newspaper and in local businesses who will be displaying posters and stickers.


How do you get involved?

Head over to the Too Big To Ignore website. Register your name – you can sign in with Facebook or Twitter with one click.  Add a video about yourself and your business if you wish. The more stories the campaign gets, the bigger the impact of the campaign and the more small business will be heard in Canberra.

We're Too Big To Ignore!

The RBF team at the Federal Campaign launch on 10 April

Signing up to support the campaign is free, but for the campaign to be successful it needs funds. ACCI and the state Chambers have kick started the campaign with funds but even $50 per business will give the campaign the money it needs to be really visible – billboards, tv ads, newspaper ads, internet ads. If you can spare $50 or more, please hit the Donate button too.

Share your support on social media. Use the hashtag #2big2ignore.  And keep tweeting, keep talking about it on Facebook right up until the federal election.

Tell your friends, your family, other business owners about this campaign and share the link to the website with them.

Download the supporters’ packs from the Too Big To Ignore website. You can print posters for your business’s window, you can download an email signature banner and more.

Ask us for bumper stickers, drinks bottles, showbags and other supporters’ material.

In short, show your support whenever and wherever you can!

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions on 9807 4999.

What’s next?

In a month or so, the campaign will be launching the next phase of the campaign which involves political engagement and what we are looking for from the next Government, but for now it’s about the small business community saying we are not going to be ignored this election.