Sponsor the Epping Club Max Potential program

Over the past 10 years, Max Potential has developed an enviable reputation as a world-class coaching program with significant support from the Club industry, business, media and government, including speeches of support in Parliament. Max Potential is a leadership development program that connects emerging young leaders (aged 16 – 23 years old) with local community leaders, running over five months with one-on-one coaching, workshops and a focus on delivering community service projects to make a difference locally.

As part of the sponsorship, an employee/ business owner can experience professional development in coaching and journey with a young person as they develop personal leadership skills and give back to their local community.
Here is an overview of the sponsorship package for your consideration: Max Potential Sponsorship Letter Epping_march2017
And here is more about the Max Potential program in general: Max Potential Brochure 2017_LR
If you would like to get involved, please contact Michelle Farrall 0409 388 099.