State Debt Recovery Office email scam

Members ChillIT have informed us of a new scam doing the email rounds – keep an eye out for this one:

Please be aware that there are malicious spam emails spreading throughout Australia, these emails have been impersonating large well known corporations. The latest email we have seen circulating as of 30/10/2014 is from Office of State Revenue NSW stating that there is a Penalty Notice that needs to be paid.

Although this may seem legitimate, this link requests you to download a file which is most likely malicious.

Keep in mind that you can hover over the URL to check where it is going if you are not sure if this email is legitimate.

State Debt Recovery Office domain is

If you hover over the link and it is not the domains above, then it would be fraudulent.

Also, most legitimate emails will refer to you by your name and not something generic like “Dear Customer”.

We urge all users to be vigilant when opening emails, and always keep an eye on suspicious links.

If you suspect you may have clicked on this link accidentally, please turn off your PC immediately and call Chill IT!

Don’t hesitate to call ChillIT on 1300 726 679 or email if you have any queries.