Tapping into Macquarie Talent – 13 November

Macquarie University invites you to an event on campus on Thursday 13 November, from 10 until 11.30am. It’s called Tapping Into Macquarie Talent, and it’s an information session where you’ll get an overview of all the ways employers can connect with Macquarie students and graduates on campus in 2015.

There is a huge range of talented students at Macquarie and this event will make you aware of ways to source suitable students for your recruitment needs, as well as internship and volunteering opportunities.

If any employers are interested, they can contact Vicki George from Macquarie University:

P.  02 9850 9731 or 02 9850 7372
E: vicki.george@mq.edu.au

Vicki can send you more information about the event.