The Epping Club donates $5,000 to the Sunshine Charity

Epping Club presents cheque to Sunshine Charity

David Taylor (President of the Board of Directors – The Epping Club),Cathy Gauci (Group Manager at Sunshine), Paula Duncan (Ambassador for Sunshine) and Peter Saez (Chief Executive Officer – The Epping Club

Chief Executive Officer of The Epping Club, Peter Saez, and President of the Board of Directors, David Taylor joined representatives of The Sunshine Charity to hand over a $5000 donation on Wednesday 18th February at The Epping Club.

The Sunshine Charity is one of NSW leading service providers in the disability sector, supporting children and adults with a disability to live their best life throughout Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions. The Sunshine Charity is an independent not-for-profit organisation. They receive government funding for many of their services; where no funding is available they rely on the support of the community organisations and community groups such as The Epping Club.

The Sunshine Charity is assisting in the purchase of a car for the Peterson family; Brian and Pam and their four children; Ashley, Brianna, Caley and Chelsea. Each of the children has an intellectual disability and Pam suffers from tonic-chronic seizures (a form of epilepsy) which often affect her many times throughout the day, leaving her disoriented and unresponsive.

However despite the daily struggles this family face, they have amazing love and happiness within their home and have made their situation work as best they can. All was going well until recently when the family car, that they rely on heavily, broke down. Brian was told that because it was so old it could not be repaired and so the Peterson family was now left with no transport. Due to the individual needs of each of the members of this amazing family they need their own transport.

By donating to this special emergency appeal, The Epping Club is assisting The Sunshine Charity to purchase the Peterson family a new car and change the way they currently live their life.*

Enquiries:            Melissa Gillooly, Marketing Manager Ph: 9815 0963